Tuesday, 19 February 2013

 Well Hello everyone,
I have been very busy with my sons, life and crochet and knitting,
here are several photos of the lastest makes by myself,
the top photo is the back of a two tone afghan I crocheted, further down is the front,

 the above photo is of a oblong cushion that I crocheted,
below is the front of the above crocheted afghan, 

 Above is a small dog or cat bed
Below is a lovely dusky pink crochet 18" chest baby dress,

 above is the other side of the oblong cushion,
and below my master piece its a crochet afghan of Elvis,
I have alsread sold this one, but will take orders, its approx 44" square if I remember correctly,

 circle potholder/trivet above,
below one of a couple of polar bear hats that I made,

 Above is a knights helmet that I crocheted for my oldest son Kieran,
and below are a couple of photos of a knitted baby jacket in lemon,
the name is going to be sewn on the left chest area,

 above is another potholder/trivet for a customer,
and below is a scrappy steps cushion for another customer,

 above is a little 8" micecraft creeper cushion that I made my son,
and below is a mothers day gift for my friend to give,
its a oblong cushion crocheted in aran, 

 Last but not least is a crochet shawl I made out of a lovely multi coloured flecked aran wool mix,
this is for a friend,
So as you can see how busy I have been,
I keep forgetting to up date my blog but you can catch me on facebook as handknitted by lilacanglia,
hope your all well,
x X x

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