Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Easter Treat Pocket Tutorial for the Character Cafe

Wow, where does time go, I can't believe its time for another Character Cafe Tuesday Tutorial,
This weeks tutorial is a little pocket for some Easter treats,

The materials you need for this are a square of paper, my square was 6".
(this can be any size all depends on how big you want your pocket)
and decorations to finish it of with, I chose Buddy again,

Fold your square in half diagonally like the photo below,
Then take one of the sides and fold to reach the other side,
I did from right to left first, like in the photo below,

I used a bone folder to get the folds nice and crisp,
then take the other point and bring across the one you have just folded,
this time was from left to right.

So it looks like the photo below,
and turn the front top down,

you will have this little shaped pocket that you can see in the picture below,
only one more step to go,

And that is to decorate it,
I used Buddy from Character Cafe, and filled with a creme egg.
you can use any filling you like.

Thanks for stopping by,
Hope this has helped someone,
If you do make one of these or anything that isnt card,
why not enter it in the Character Cafe Challenge,
it runs out on Thurs Evening.
x X x


Lil Daffodil said...

Hi Angie,
Well it helped me. This is a great idea. I will definately use this.
Hope your keeping well.
Fiona x

Kim. said...

This is a cute little pocket that you could use for so many ideas. Love it, thanks for the tutorial.
Kim xXx

Merry said...

Very cute Angie.

Kellie said...

very cute idea!