Monday, 1 April 2013

 Here are the latest of my makes,
above is a 8" sunflower cushion, 
below is a comforter buddy blanket,

 above is a scrappy cushion cover,
below is a soft toy to look like the minecraft character called a creeper,

 Above is a 8" cushion in the stule of the creeper character again,
below (not a good photo) is a barbie doll outfit, for a exchange I did,

 Sewn Pin Cushion, getting used to using my new machine,
below is a blooming flower cushion,

 Tissue box cover to match the three blooming flower cushions below,

 flower squares cushion for a customer,
below another customer order of a blooming flower cushion,

 above is a japanese flower shawl, already gone to a happy customer,
below is a present for a friends birthday poppy cushion,
(its ok she dont have internet lol)

 Below is a crochet Doily, and above is a triangel crochet shawl, 

If there are doubles I apologize as keep forgetting to put bits on as I make them,
have a great day,
x X x

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Merry said...

Very busy indeed. What amazing collection of techniques in all of these wonderful creations.