Sunday, 25 October 2009

Mr Greedy is here .........

Not long finished Mr Greedy,
He is so soft to touch n cuddle as I knitted him out chenile wool, as it was the closest wool in my stash for the colour of him, he is approx 9" tall, and quite podgy around lol.
(Reminds me of me tehehe)
I think I need to get started on some cake now.
Back tomorrow hopefully,
hope you like Mr Greedy.

Thanks for looking and leaving such wonderful comments,
they are all read and cherished.
x X x


Stephanie said...

Oh he is too gorgeous & you are too talented!!
Steph xxx

Lil Daffodil said...

Hi Angie,
Is there no end to your talents. This is gorgeous. It looks so cute and cuddly.
Glad to hear your dad is a little better within himself.
Warmest hugs,
Fiona x

CraftyC said...

Aww, I love your Mr Greedy Angie, sure does take me back to my childhood, though I dont wanna class myself as old yet!! LOL

Meda said...

Oh, how cute! I was wondering who MR greedy was when I saw your post title. Now I know.

Merry said...

He looks so cuddly Angie.....

Yvonne said...

Fab Angie .. can't wait for them to see them ... and me of cause have a play , LOL, Thanky ou so much for doing these for me xx

Maria Matter said...

oh, he looks so huggable!!!!!
Blessings, Maria

Spyder said...

Love Mr Greedy the best!! (I'm a secret Mr Men Fan...I used to have over 400 of the tiny toys in my car....yes...every window! People would wave and take pictures...)

Anonymous said...

Hi Angie!! These are just the cutest little critters!! I love them!! Just wanted to check up and see how you're doing hun!! HUGS

Jessie said...

How cool is he?! Love it :)