Thursday, 17 November 2011

Little Red Campervan - Split Screen

Hello Everyone,
Hope your keeping warm now the cold weather is setting in,
I have been busy knitting as usual,
Just finished this little red campervan for a lady,
above is the back,
The photo above is of one side but both sides are the same,
the one below is the front of the camper van with a split screen,
I have done personalised number plates for the lady as well,
as a little extra,
Thanks for popping by
Hugs Angie xx


Paulagriff said...

This is fantastic!!! Your soooo talented being able to make it, Paula :)

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Merry said...

This is too cute...
I was only thinking of you last night as I saw your name in my blog list that I follow. Glad to see you are well and busy.