Thursday, 3 November 2011

here a couple of bits I have made

Since finishing the crochet king size bed throw,
I have still been busy with a few bits,
the above fingerless gloves are for my oldest son,
The ones below are for my youngest son,
the middle son is to into brand names etc for wanting any,
never mind he will get cold hands as I won't be buying him any,

Below is a slouchy beret/beanie hat that I have knitted in chunky wool,
so its lovely and soft and extremely warm,
this is for sale on ebay at the moment runs out on Sunday,

The latest thing that I finished yesterday,
is a small blanket in crochet,
this was a order for a lady for her guinea pig
I have a order to knit a split screen camper van,
and two aran cardigans, so being kept busy,
will show the photos when they are done,

Hope you are all well,
x X x

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