Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Just a jumper ..................

Hello one and all,

Here is a couple of photo's of a jumper I have knitted,
the top photo is the back, and below is the front,
its in a lovely mixed red soft chunky wool.
I finished knitting this last week.
Didnt take long to actually knit, but from start to finish it was nearly 4 weeks as
left it to one side to do other bits lol.
Have been making tree of life pendants today,
will show you the photo's tomorrow.
hope you have or have had a wonderful day.
This jumper is for sale at £35 plus postage .
x X x


Ellephantastic said...

Hi hun love the jumper. Are you selling it? You should. Costs a fortune for one like that from the shops!!
Hugs x

Merry said...

That is a beautiful jumper, love the colours and the design. What a brilliant price too. Thanks for your visit over my way...it was so nice to see your name. :-)

Kim. said...

Hi Angie this is a beautiful jumper, love the mixed tone of it and the pattern is real pretty too.
Kim xXx