Friday, 19 November 2010

A update on me ...........

Hello everyone,

Well on Monday I went back to the doctors, even more tablets,
Wednesday was a fasting blood test, yesterday a phone call from the Doctors,
got a appointment on this Wednesday (as my Doc only works Mon & Wed) as the results came back within a day, so obviously found something wrong now at last, with any luck they can sort it so I can get back to normal, its been nearly a year now, not bad going hey?

These two photo's are of some of the things I have been knitting while lounging on the sofa,
as I have not had any energy to sit and do anything else, cant stand and make cards for long at all either, so not a happy bunny, but there you go, not long now with any luck.

The top photo is a tree decoration and has little pearl beads all over it, and the bottom photo is a ear flap hat I have knitted for a friend, will get everything into the post asap, for those people waiting for stuff from me.

Hugs to you all,
Back when I can,
x X x


Kim. said...

Great projects Angie, I sure hope your bloods have finally shown the cause of your discomfort and you can now get it sorted. What a pair we make, I am so missing being able to craft it is driving me mad not that it takes much lol.
Kim xXx

Jill said...

Ooh Angie lets hope that they can finally sort all this out! Great projects, you are always so industrious!! Take care Jill x

Lil Daffodil said...

Hi Angie,
You really are a whizz with those needles.
I hope you get things sorted out at the doctor next week.
Fiona x

Anonymous said...

What fun and warm projects you've made girl!! I hope you are feeling better soon friend...please take care and get some rest!! Enjoy the weekend and relax!! HUGS

Merry said...

Hope all goes well at the Doctors next Wednesday Angie...will be thinking of you. Love that little xmas tree. And the hat looks like it would certainly keep your ears warm.

sassyb07 said...

hi Angie! sorry I haven't been around for the past couple of weeks. Had Madison, then Ted got sick and I had dental work done, then after all that I lost a front tooth, LOL!! Anyways have had a peek at all of what you've been doing and of course it's all fab!
I sure hope you get some news, hopefully good! soon...
hugs, Valerie