Monday, 26 July 2010


I spent the last two days knitting this over long slouchy beany hat,
as my 3 sons decided they wanted one each and I thought omg one down two to go,
well they all tried this on, said it does look like the ones the other lads wear, but
we don't like it now we have tried one of them on,
so now I have a long slouchy beany hat that has no owner.
and a waste of two days knitting as well.
Oh well the good side is I do not have knit another two, lol.

Thanks for stopping by
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Lil Daffodil said...

Hi Angie,
Kids - who can be up to them. They can be so fickle.
Fiona x

Anonymous said...

that happened to me as well, Angie, I knitted a cap for my son and it isn't as stylish as he would like so he doesn't wear it. Better to give our hard work to someone else and let them get their own hats, LOL

Linda from MGC

sassyb07 said...

hi Angie,
I think it turned out fab! You can always sell it so you haven't wasted your time
hugs, Valerie

Merry said... em! You are so clever knitting the cap up....your work is always so neat.

Aussie Loz said...

Great work Angie! Typical boys, never know what they want!
I love this!! Great colour ♥