Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Another hat this time for a lady .........

This hat is from a free pattern that came with my knitting magazine,
and I used the free wool that came with it as well,
I do hate it when there is not enough wool for the pattern they give it to you for and also that the wool they give you has knots in it, now normally free items are for the person to use and like so they go and buy more of that item, so why send out rubbish.
I am going to moan at them for this lol, does no one believe in quality for the customer etc any more, I know that some do not even believe in the customers always right, or is it that was just way back when I used to work in a shop?
The customer was always right (no matter how wrong) and service with a smile.
I did however like the pattern and this one does not take very long to knit up, unlike the long slouchy one I had to do, see previous post lol.
Have a great day, hoping to get some card making done today.

Thanks for stopping by,
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sassyb07 said...

I love this one Angie! the colors are fab together! Hope things are better for you
hugs, Valerie
p/s my Cuttlebug came today! time to play, LOL

Lil Daffodil said...

Hi Angie,
This is gorgeous - just right for the summer we are having. Go on girl you have a good moan. I'm going to nominate you as People's Champion. I agree with what you say though.
Hope you are feeling better and that your dad is coming on.
Fiona x

CraftyC said...

Looks nice and cosy Angela, wish i could knot like this!

Ellephantastic Cards and Crafts said...

Loving the hats hun. You're a quick knitter!!
I've just started another bride, only done a shoe & leg so far. Got her & groom to do, someones hubby & 2 kids, a bob the builder & a west ham player!!! Who's idea was it to start knitting????!!!! I'll have to employ you soon!!!

craft_princess said...

Awesome hat!! I agree...the customer is always right has flown out the window....nobody seems to care about quality or service anymore! What really drives me nuts is when companies say they will e-mail or call back and they don't!! Oh that just burns me up!
LOL! Now I had my own rant!

Merry said...

You tell them Angie...I agree, normally if they off something free it is to entice you to buy more. So should be good quality. You are amazing how fast you can whip up these wonderful creations.