Wednesday, 4 November 2009

New Hat made and some new stamps arrived,

Last night while watching the telly, I crocheted this beanie hat in a lovely purple with flecks of brown and black in it,
This morning the posty brought me my new stamps that I treated myself to from create n craft last week, they are the birdhouses that Jayne Nestorenko was using on the tv.

So I am playing with a set, might not get it finished today,
but you never know, also my oldest son is home from school with a sore throat, and cold
so keep getting interrupted running after him with drinks n food,(not that I mind, as I love my sons dearly)

Back with the birdhouse when it has dried and ready, just been colouring it in this morning
so got to cut out and assemble and decorate more.

Thanks for stopping by, and for the wonderful comments.
x X x


CraftyC said...

Wow Angie, love your hat. I love my beanies in the winter!! Hope your son is feeling better soon and just to let you know your envelope arrived today.
Many Thanks

craft_princess said...

Love the beanie...that is something I would totally wear! LOVE IT!!! GREAT JOB!!!

Hope your son feels better soon...lots of nasty stuff going around.

Take care!

Anonymous said...

fab hat hun, great colour too. You've done so much lovely things since I lasted visited (sorry I'm so bad at visiting blogs at the moment!!)