Sunday, 6 September 2009

Thank You for your possitive thoughts and encouragement

Well, I did go back today,
and made a total of £25 for the whole weekend,
the above picture is my stall set up just before I re arranged it,
Then I forgot to take a picture of it rearranged.
the below picture is of the decorated (polystyrene) goose,
it was done with individual ribbons that had wire attached to them,
then stuck in the goose. and a couple of gold eggs.
This is my mums house and front garden.
Thank You to all who sent me support,
I really felt like you all was with me today.
I also crocheted two beanie hats ready for selling while I
was sitting at the stall today and yesterday.
The money will be going to labrador rescue,

I am going to be doing some boot fairs soon, (weather permitting)
so hope to make more money for them as well.

I am also very tired, so going to bed early again tonight,
Please don't forget we have a new challenge starting on Kaboodle
(see side bar link) tomorrow.
So check back tom for the card I made for my dt sample.
Yes I made a card this morning before I went out to the stall.

x X x


Yvette said...

Angie, Im so glad that you had a much better day today then yesterday! Keep your head held high girl! I appreciate all that you do! Sleep well! :)

Merry said...

What great news to hear that you did better today. Love that goose, she must have taken a lot of time to create. It is exhausting sitting and waiting isn't it....take care.

yvonne said...

Oh well done. Thats fab.
I am so glad you stuck at it.. well done you xx
Extra luck again with you today ..
And the Gooses, how sweet is he?

craft_princess said...

So happy you kept your chin up! I knew you would do better the second go around! Have a good sleep!

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you stuck it out hun. At leats you have the peace of mind that you tried your best.
Good look with the boot sales.
H x

Anonymous said...

So glad it went better for you hun!!! BIG HUGS