Saturday, 5 September 2009

It wasnt worth the effort I put in,

Well I am trying to recover from the most boring day that I have known
EVER, I set up my stall, all ready for the people,
I have seen more people in a igloo that I did at the fair today.

The problem was that they did a park n ride, and of course it took the people
past our house where my stall was so they see the goose and then didnt walk back
to see my stall.

At the moment I am very tired, and fed up,
I really dont feel like its worth making cards at all anymore.
Depending on how I feel in the morning, but I dont think I shall be doing the stall
tomorrow, I sold a whole £5 worth of cards.

Of for a early night.
catch ya all laters.
hope you all had a better day that I did.


craft_princess said...

oh no...cheer up! Everyone has days like this so don't feel like your the only one! I am new so I don't feel like anyone gives a hoot about my cards so I enter all these challenges and still only a few followers. I will keep trying though to round up more people!! And you should keep making cards...I know you must really enjoy it! I'm sure selling at a fair is not easy...I wish you the best of luck!!! And keep your head up! :)
Oh and tell that Devan I want to see another card soon! :)

Penny said...

Have you tried selling your cards online? I don't know what to say, sorry that it was a bad day. Nobody really buys anything I make either :(

twiggypeasticks said...

It's hard going isn't it? chin up for tomorrow
twiggy x

sassy said...

hiya it happens to us all ...i once did a wedding faye..all they seemed to want was 100 invites all to their design for approx 25p way .or better still free..just because you make them some do think they ought to be freesbies...and mine was with a chariy attached...i sold all of 20-00p for 10 hrs work....but dont give up pleazzzzzzzzz.....we appreciate yer i might not always leave comments but im always wishes also to your dad...hugs sassyxx

vikkithescrapjunkie said...

Oh darling im so sorry you had a horrible day... Like our other blogging buddies have said i think this has happened to us all at some point, i did a christmas fair once and came home with exactly what i took with me and didnt make a bean lol. Do the fair tomorrow Angie im sure tomorrow will be a better day and take some of your other handcrafted goodies with you too as well as your cards, they are all gorgeous sweetie. Good luck darling and do let us know how you get on. will be thinking of you xxxx

Merry said...

I ditto what everyone else has said. I had an experience like that last year at a Christmas store. Sold enough to cover the stall. :-( Had another try just recently and had a wonderful day. I love seeing your wonderful creations.

Yvette said...

Ah Angie Im sorry you had such a rough day. Dont you DARE quit making cards!!! You inspire more people then you know!!!


Lora said...

aww Angie, sorry you had a rubbish day.
The other girls are right, we have all been there.
I do the christmas fayres etc at the kids school adn sometimes I only sell 2 cards but other days I sell loads and wish i had brought more.
I know you are feeling down just now but don't stop making cards. Give it another go tomorrow and make sure everyone knows you are there, don't let anyone pass that stall of yours!
Huggies Lora xx

Kym's Crafty Cards said...

Angie, been there, done that, had the ticket. I have a regular stall most months for charity and some months it will sell £10-15 worth of cards and some months £2-3 worth of cards. I get upset when it's so low as 50% of all my money made from cards is given to charity. My husband has to bring me down to earth and say that without me doing the stall they'd have had no money whatsoever whereas I keep the same charity for a month and move onto another so with the help of a couple of customers I can send them a decent amount.

What I would say is keep on trying. It is hard when you put so much effort in. I did a stall last week-end and people made some comments about that they could buy cheaper in town. It was hard to bite my tongue but I had to. If asked again I would do the stall as the amount I made for charity was better than not at all.

I hope tomorrow brings a better day with the stall as I hope more people will come out as it's a Sunday. Fingers crossed xxxxx

Kym xxx

Kim. said...

No two days are ever the same Angie, as everyone else has said don't give up tomorrow could be completely different. Sundays are generally better for this sort of thing as on Saturday's people are more interested in the weekly shop.
Good luck tomorrow.
Kim xXx

yvonne said...

Oh no Angie, Lets hope today is a better one today

It's a hit and miss really with Fairs.
Like many have said, every one has had this. When I first started selling cards ( carboots, belive it or not) for the first few weeks i sold nothing .. oh the odd card here and there, but nothing to talk about. After a while, people get to trust me , and buying from me ,now i have a string of Customers who allways come back .. so don't be down hearted .. keep going hun ( and yours is for a good cause). xx

Christine said...

I'm sorry for you! I think you should go ahead and do tomorrow. You never no who will be coming by. You've have them all made and you might just be able to sell them. I hope todays a better day.


Lil Daffodil said...

Hi Angie,
Come on , chin up. Your cards are gorgeous and I love visiting your blog. Not your fault the organisers chose to be stupid. Don't you dare stop making cards!!!
Special Hugs,
Fiona x

Anonymous said...

oh no hun, I know how you feel. I didn't sell even one card at the last fair I went to. We made all our money on the tombola I'd done with craft bits. It was our saving grace. No more fairs for me. Chin up hun, its still worth making them I'm just not convinced about fairs. Try something else. Maybe your local shop or post office will let you leave a mini stall if the proceeds are going to a good cause like yours are? x

sassyb07 said...

aw Angie! I'm so sorry things didn't work out for you. It's really too bad those people don't know what they missed. Hope today is better for you.
hugs Valerie