Thursday, 23 July 2009

Poncho No2 – Pink and White


Yehaaaaaaa,  2 down, 1 to go,

I have finished the pink and largest poncho,

I have been sitting here nearly all day doing the tassels, 

140 of them around the bottom, all with 6 strands of 12” in each one, then two more for the neck tie.

23rd July 09 002

I am so please with how it looks, what do you think?

Here it is in its full splendour,

23rd July 09 001

Off to cook dinner, then start on the last one, its not as big as these other two.

Back tom with more crafty things,

I am missing doing my cards, so will be doing some of them as soon as the other one is done, of to crochet after dinner, while watching the darts again.



x X x


Avril Ann said...

Angie this is fab. I love crochetting, I make knee beddies for nursing homes. When I was in hospital having my last two children, I had a pelvis problem and had to be in hospital for 5 months each time. Every newborn baby had a lovely cover instead of the grey/green ones that the hospital supplied. I find it therapeutic, but can only manage square...Hugs Avril xxx

Avril Ann said...

Thanks for that Angie, I will keep that in mind. My husband has an Aunt who is in her 84th year, and lives in a nursing home. At the moment they love to have new ones, to put on their laps, they even ask for specific colours, the wee devils...LOL, But I do like doing them and helping out a bit. Hugs Avril xx Are you doing those poncho's for someone specific? xxx

Crystal said...

Angie this is AWESOME!! You are all around talented this...Pink and white PERFECT!!!

Anonymous said...

wow wow wow wow wow! its very pretty hunni!! thank you for birthday wishes too! and happy birthday to your son for today woo hooo!! carlz xxx

Hope Jacare said...

A beautiful piece - what alot of work - I love textiles! cheers Claire x

Christine said...

These are beautiful but I bet your getting tired of crocheting!