Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Oh My What A Day,



Well, it all started this morning, or nearly afternoon, lol,

I normally get up at 6.30am, have a cuppa and get my emails done and then get the boys sorted and have the rest of the day to myself as such, but not today, I didn’t wake up till 8.15am, so that lost nearly two hours, didn’t get my cuppa as hubby already went to work at normal time, just after 6.30am,

I made two cards today, for some silly reason they took me nearly all day, they where two photo’s that had to be decoupaged, and then put on cards, but I can’t show you them as they are of a lovely ladies children, and she doesn’t want the people to see them before they get them.

I have done a tiny bit of crocheting, and just realised its nearly 7pm, I just don’t know where today has gone, so will make sure my alarm is set for nice and early tom.

The photo below is my very first scrapbook page I have ever done, I did this yesterday.

21st July 09

Its a green page, with blue gingham backing paper, I followed the sketch that was given in a yahoo group I belong to.

I am pleased the way it turned out, (the purple is the actual scrap book)

back tom with some cards that I can show you hopefully, as going to do dinner now and then crochet while watching the darts on the telly again this evening.



x X x


Penny said...

I think your very first scrapbook page came out GREAT!!!

Lora said...

All my days are like that Angie lol.
Your scrapbooking page is fab!
Barry's Mum wants me to do one of her dog who passed away a few months agao but I have never done one before and have no idea where to start. A card is challenging enough for me!!

mudmaven said...

What a busy day! I just love that scrapbook page. So nice. Great job. ~chris

Happy Crafter said...

Hi Angie,Love your scrapbook page its brill,i've never done one and maybe when i get more time i will give it a go :)
Hugzz Val xxx

Crystal said...

WOW Angie fantastic page, great LO, and love that car!!

Donna said...

Great page, Angie. I can't believe it's your very first. So well done! I'd love to sleep in until 8:15 but that would make me late for work. Not a good thing. Looking forward to seeing your cards! Take care!

Christine said...

Sorry I haven't been around much lately. Things have been so busy around here. I think it has slowed down for a week or two so now I'll be doing my regular hopping for a while!

I can't belive this is your first scrapbook page. It's great!


Gvendalen said...

Your scrapbooking page is fab!