Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Kimono Card and disappointed me,


7th July 09

I know its not my birthday until the 15th, but I got a early pressy for myself, the Eastern Treasures cd from Joanna sheen,

I printed this lovely kimono card/notelet and matching envelope out, I adore tigers, I have been waiting for my crafters companion popcorn bear cd’s to turn up, only to find that when I ordered them the internet or their site was playing up so they didn’t get ordered, so I am not a happy chappy now, quite fed up to be honest. As I can’t afford to pay out £40 for the discs now.

Never mind, thanks for popping by, back tom, as going to spend the evening with hubby as its his birthday.



x X x


Happy Crafter said...

Hi Angie, Sorry to hear of your dissapointment i have had similar things happen to me i know how you must be feeling, but dont let it spoil your evening with your hubby enjoy it :)
Hugzz Val xxx

Crystal said...

Hey Angie sorry to hear of your disappointment, yeah the internet sometimes can make us CRAZY!!! I hope you and your husband enjoy his special day!!!

Lora said...

Hi Angie, you must be really pi***d off! It's so annoying when things like that happen. Hope you enjoyed your evening with your hubbie though and Happy Birthday to him :)
Hugs Lora xx

raindropecho said...

I love tigers too! Have fun with your new purchase!

Emma said...

Hi Angie
Looks gorgeous. sorry to hear your other cd didn't order.
Hope your hubby had a lovely birthday.
Emma x

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear of your disappointment Angie.Hope you have a fab time with hubby xx jo xx

Max said...

What a bummer ... Popcorn looks so cute. I was almost tempted too but changed my mind as I really can't afford even bargains at the moment. I just have to accept I'm going to have to be more selective and that I can't have it all right away ... much as I'd like to LOL!
At least you managed to get the Eastern Treasures CD so you have something to play with.


Anonymous said...

Sorry about your disappointment hun!! Internet is so lovely sometimes!! SIGH!

Hope you and hubby enjoyed the day though!! :) HUGS