Saturday, 13 June 2009

YAY Its arrived ……..

Picture 005 candy winning

I got this lovely package from the postman this morning,

I won this back in April I think it was,

but due to post office mess ups, poor Maria has had no end of trouble getting this to me, it has gone back to her once, and then reposted and not turned up again, and eventually she found it at the local sorting office to her, so she sent again and it arrived this morning.

I AM TRULY GRATEFUL for this lovely lot,

and I wish it hadn’t of caused you so much hassle Maria

This lady has a wonderful blog please go over and visit it at

Imagine, Create, Inspire




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Nicki said...

Well done Angie, and can i just say, havent visited for little bit (ooops! sorry!) but you have been sooooo busy! thank you lots for your lovely comments on my blog too, but wanted to say how much i love all your creations youve produced lately! Super craftin woman!
take care

Anonymous said...

Wow fab stash. Silly postman (putting it politely!) I had a few ding dongs with the post office loosing my post. They blamed it on me moving house!! Idiots!!

Enjoy playing x

Anonymous said...

oh my you are so lucky that stash looks fab,enjoy playing with it xx jo xx

yvonne said...

Fantastic Angie. well done on winning..
Oh bless you both . bet you were both going round the bend waiting for it to arrive.
Must say looks one fab candy x