Friday, 12 June 2009

Can anyone suggest anything for me please?

I have started knitting a beaded wire bracelet,
I can knit well.
I beaded all them little bliters onto the wire before I started,


I am finding it hard to knit for some silly reason,
and I keep breaking the kebab sticks that the pattern
said use.

I am not sure if the wire would work on metal or plastic needles
and how do I tell what size the kebab sticks are as I
dont have a needle gauge to put them in a hole to see
how thick they are?

Sorry just venting, as my brains not answering me, lol.
does anyone know a easy way to do this please,
as I really do not want to give up and end up using
the beads on my cards as I have plenty of them for that.

x X x


Christine said...

I don't knit either so no advise. Just wanted to let you know that all your cards are very cute today!!!


Anonymous said...

hmmm I'm not sure on that one hun sorry x

cats-rockin-crochet said...

Try the plastic kebab sticks, if not just use the knitting needles, I'm sure if you can crochet wire with a hook, you can with needles. Youtube it and see what you come up with, also check your wire guage it may be too thick, just like I did once, LOL.