Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Can You Help – Crochet flowers for cards


Well after a very hot morning spent at my youngest sons sports day, I just needed to sit a rest, as my feet have swollen yet again,


So I made three little crochet flowers with the idea of using them on cards, instead of paper flowers etc,

But, (this is where I need help) I am undecided on which style and size,

Here you can see all three,

24th June 09


First question is that are they preferred with the tails left on, or fastened of,

Second questions is which size do you think would be better to sell,

Blue one is approx 2.5cm wide,

White one is approx 1.5cm wide,

brown one is 1cm wide,

Third question is how many and how much?

Thank you so much for your input,



x X x


Avril Ann said...

Angie personally I like the blue and brown sizes, I am not sure about the rest of the questions, I would sure love to know how to do this, I love to crochet, but only every achieve, squares!!! Hugs Avril xxx

Jacilynn said...

super cute! I think the tails tied off and maybe you could sell all three? I like them all and layering would be cute! super job Angie

sassyb07 said...

All 3 are really cute Angie!
I'd think you could do both, keep the tails on and tie a bow with them and leave them off as a 2nd choice.
All 3 sizes are good too. You could sell separately or as a set.
Lastly, I wouldn't have a clue as to what to charge, LOL!
Hope this helps,
hugs, Valerie

Christine said...

I just bought a book of flowers. I think the tails off and I think you should sell them in sets.


Kim. said...

I love all three sizes and think you could sell them as sets although some people may prefer individual sizes which I think would also sell. I personally prefer tails off. How much well I have not got a clue but I think Poppicrafts sell crocheted flowers so maybe worth a look and I have also seen them on ebay before.
Hope that helps.
Kim xXx
Kim xXx

Lora said...

Hi Angie, they are all lovely but I think I like the blue one best (and it's size). I have no idea how much to sell them for but I know people sell them on ebay so maybe have a look and see what kind of price they are going for. I also think mixed sets would be good as they could be layered. Oh and I prefer them with the tail off :)
Good luck
Lora x

Kim Y. said...

Personally, no tails. Flowers do not have tails to me. I crochet. :) All sizes are good. Maybe you can think of layering them and add a green leaf to each. Another option is to tie a button on the center with the tail..into a bow.

Have fun!

Anonymous said...

Hi hun, I like all 3 & would sell all three with & without tails as sets. You can use the tails to hang off brads etc. If your selling on ebay I think individually might be a bit of pain, but you could try & do a pick 'n' mix so people can buy sets with their personal preferences in? Not sure on prices I always get stuck with prices myself. Hope this helps x

Emma said...

Tails of I think and all sizes would be fab to use.
Good luck with working out prices.
Emma x