Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Yet another busy day - knitting the rest of a womble,

Was up nice and early this morning, about 6am, (theres not normally to 6 o'clocks in my day)
and have sewn the womble up so I could get a photo and post it as work in progress,
today I shall be busy knitting, the shawl, hat, hair, and glasses, so come back tom, for the latest updates, as i really want to get this project finished, when finished he is going to be Uncle Bulgaria

Its so fiddly and time consuming,



Lora said...

I would not have the patience to do something like that lol. It's looking good hun.
Lora xx

sassyb07 said...

love him Angie! he's just soooo cute...
hugs, Valerie

yvonne said...

Lovely .. now that takes me back a fair few years,lol

Susie Sugar said...

I love wombles this one is so cute wish I could knit , your are clever , I have never been able to get the hang if it xx

Saskia said...

Oooh... so cute!! Lovely work!