Wednesday, 4 November 2015

 Well hello there everyone, I have been away for a long while, due to ill health mostly,
I have found out I have crohns and now getting back on my feet again, it wont ever go away but I am now coping with it better in my head and in my body, enough about that x

I have been busy but just not had the energy to do blog posts yet again I want to try to get going on doing them regularly now.

Here is a lovely aran jumper, that I finished a hour ago, cant do outside photos due to the rain, this jumper is hand knitted by myself, (Handmade by Lilacanglia on facebook if your interested) and took just over a hundred hours of knitting to complete, yes 100 hours plus, then a little bit more to sew up etc,
The wool I used is Stylecraft aran (worsted weight for those outside the UK), and a pattern the lady who ordered it sent me, its worked into a lovely warm soft Jumper.

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