Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Bunnies Galore

this time there are two bunnies,
these I knitted last week, 
both for orders for different people,
and yes they do have little beanie hats on,
 Approx size of green hat bunny is 9" tall,
they are stuffed with safety stuffing so suitable for babies as I 
sew the nose, mouth and eyes on instead of using buttons or glass eyes,
and will also sew on the hat so its not stuffed into little mouths or lost.

 Both bunnies are in light blue,
to get different size bunnies all I do is use a thinner wool and smaller needles,
or bigger needles and thicker wool,
which I did with this red hat bunny,
this red hat bunny is just under 11" tall,

Thanks for stopping by,
dont forget to smile,
it makes other wonder what you have done,
te he he he,
x X x

1 comment:

Spyder said...

Oh I love this bunny! I want one!! Makes me want to knit again, haven't for.....since my girls were babies!