Sunday, 12 February 2012

two needle socks

Hello all,
hope your all having a fabulous weekend,
these two photo's are of the pair of socks that I finished knitting yesterday,
they are in a double knitting wool, and as you can see a nice bright mix of colours,
I have knitted them on two needles as cant do 4 needle socks yet,
still waiting for someone who lives close to show me how as cant get the knack of doing it yet.
Have a great weekend, or whats left of it,
x X x

1 comment:

sassy said...

cor these look warm and toasty i love my socks when i slip into my pjs..wish my nan was still here she used to make us bed socks all the time..i used to grumble..but now id only be too happy to have her knitting she also made little knitted shoes with a button on a strap these bedtime comforts.thats what she called them keep on knitting hugs sassyx