Monday, 6 February 2012

my little red roses for valentines day ...........

Hello Everyone on this white monday afternoon,
we had nearly 6" of snow on Saturday evening,
and for once the country didnt stop,
the boys are all at school today and the councils have managed to keep the roads clear,
but as those of you that know me,
know I wont go out in this weather I have a fear of falling over and breaking something,
I made some of these lovely little red roses over the weekend,
they are from tiny little sead beads,
and I will be selling them for £3.50 each plus postage,
I enjoyed going back to doing a bit of beading,
just started knitting a onesy for a order from a friend.
will put photos on of it when its done,
hope your all keeping warm and safe in this weather,
x X x

1 comment:

Merry said...

They are so pretty Angie.