Friday, 27 January 2012

Hellooo, I am back again .....

Hello strangers,
I am going to try to blog better and keep you all updated more on what I am making,
most of the time its knitting, so wont be posts everyday,
this lovely aran cardigan in a size 42" chest,
was what I finished making on Tuesday,
it took me 8 days to knit and complete, not bad hey lol,
they do take a long while to do,
the lady who ordered this is very very happy with it,
so happy customer happy me lol,
I have made other things as well,
but a couple of them sold and went even before I had time to take a photo of them
just not sure what to knit now,
I did try to do some socks yesterday on a loom,
but it took me an hour to do 3 rounds,
so slow compared with the two needles lol,
so sold the loom and gave up on socks.

Any ideas on things for me to knit,
please comment so I can get some different ideas apart from my own to do,
love doing different things.
hope your all well,
and if not get better soon,
sending smiles and hugs to you all,
x X x


Merry said...

Hi Angie, so great to hear from you. I was only sorting through the list of blogs I follow last night and was wondering what you were up too and hoped you were well. This is such a beautiful cardigan and you are such a fast knitter. Another person I follow Judy, posted the cutest Nemo mittens yesterday...maybe something like that could be your next project. Here are her mittens

Lil Daffodil said...

Hi Angie,
So brilliant to see you posting again. You have been missed. This cardigan is beautiful - puts me in the mood for finishing one I started years ago lol.
Fiona x

daperfectmix said...

Welcome back! That's beautiful! You always do beautiful work. Maybe you can make some comfy slippers or leg warmers.