Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Latest Update from me, and what I made at the weekend

Hello Everyone,
I made a massive decision at the weekend,
and have sold 98% of my card making equipment,
but still have my cd's, until I have sorted through them,
It was a big decision and I have kept a little bit back for me to make my own cards with,
BUT this blog will now mostly be knitting, crochet, cross stitch etc,
cards will come but nowhere near as many as I used to,
This was a hard decision as I did love making cards,
but there where two card factory shops opened up - One in town, and one at Freeport which is a outlet shopping centre near us, so no one really wanted to pay more than 50p or a £1 for a card,
and I am also having a new kitchen being put in (October) and would not have the space,
yes I did have that much card making stuff,

So I totally understand if I loose some of my lovely followers and want to say a
BIG THANK YOU to you all for following me,

The photo above is of a cross stitch I finished for a customer at the weekend,
Hope you like it,
see you soon with more crafty bits,
x X x


Lil Daffodil said...

Hi Angie,
This Xstitch is beautiful. I will keep following and look forward to seeing your creations.
Fiona x

Kim. said...

Hi Angie
I totally understand it is a little like that here now too but I will certainly continue to follow as I enjoy your other projects. This cross stitch is so pretty, I am sure it will be loved by it's new owner.
Kim xXx

♪♫♥ Charity Crafter ♪♫♥ said...

Hey lady you are not getting rid of me! I love all your work! x Leigh x

Lindy said...

I really enjoy seeing your projects, whatever they are... so I am staying. :)
I'm not doing too much card making either, as it is just too hard to sell them for what they are worth so I pretty much just do my own now.
So keep up the great work you do!!