Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Opinions Needed on my Airman

Hello Everyone,
See I have not fell of the edge of the planet,
had two weeks of did not go away for holiday,
just spent days out with the family etc,
also knitted this Airman for a order,
its from a 1940's pattern, and the 18" simple toy is so complicated to knit,
even though I am a advanced knitter as you have seen from my other items on here,
I really need your opinions (HONEST ONES) PLEASE
as I am not at all happy with the end product and do not like the pattern,
I am meant to be doing another like this but a ATS lady,
awaiting your replies,
please be honest it wont offend me
x X x


Kim. said...

What are you not happy with? he does look a little strange around the legs and the hands but that is probably because he is from such an old pattern.
Kim xXx

Merry said...

I really don't know enough about knitting to offer any advice. I think he looks terrific. Maybe his arms are a little to fat. Or you could use a different colour for eyes and mouth.