Thursday, 26 May 2011

Nelly the Elly .......................

Hi everyone,
I started knitting this elephant yesterday at lunch time,
and just finished it,
its fairly big,
and has already been adopted my youngest son,
he has called her elly,
so glad as I was not totally happy with it,
but its so soft and cuddly.
Am of to hospital tomorrow for another endoscopy,
so cant eat till tomorrow evening,
going to find something else to make now,
so can keep occupied.
Thanks for stopping by,
x X x


Kim. said...

This elly is really cute I can see why she was adopted so quickly lol.
Hope all goes well at the hospital today.
Kim xXx

Merry said...

What a terrific colour you have used on Elly.....great elephant. I hope all has gone well for your hospital visit