Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Oh My What a day its been ................

Hiya all,
Oh my what a busy couple of days,
yesterday wasnt to bad,
went to dentist etc and got sorted there,
then first thing today went to see my youngest son Declans open morning at his class
thoroughly enjoyed seeing him and his class mates doing their little shows,
got back opened the one letter that arrived,
its from the hospital, had to go and have urgent blood tests done today,
so they can have the results for my visit to the specialist on the 20th of this month,
non of this I knew about till I read the letter,

These three photo's are of my latest handywork,
they are of two hand bag charms and a keyring,
all hand made with beads.
All going to go in my folksy shop shortly,
they are £3.25 each with free postage to UK,

Have fun, keep crafting,
thanks for stopping by,
I will try to get some time organised to blog hop to see you all soon,
x X x


Jill said...

Sounds as if you are having a busy time there Angie! Really love all the beady things, they are gorgeous. Jill

Julies Knit and Sew Corner said...

Oh those blood tests, I know just how you feel on that one.
Its good to keep up with your crafts and take your mind off things. I love your bag charms.
best wishes Julie.C