Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Head Band/Ear Warmer in Pink, and a whoopsy lol

Hi Folks,
here are a couple of photo's of a head band/ear warmer that I have knitted over the last couple of days, its in a lovely chunky soft wool, in a pale pink, lovely and warm.
have just listed it in my folksy shop along with two throws that I have also made over the last couple of weeks.
and as for the title the whoopsi, oh my gosh,
Yes I made a card ready for my dt on Saturday,
and wont name which son it was but it got covered in coke,
so what a big whoopsi, and yes I wasnt pleased as I had actually made a card and hadnt got around to getting a photo, so got to start again. tut tut,
never mind son these things happen and are sent to try us.
Will make another tomorrow as feel really low (energy wise) today, so just going to rest all day.
Thanks for stopping by,
hugs to you all,
x X x


Julies Knit and Sew Corner said...

Oh no a bit of an upset, like you say these things happen.
I do like the yarn for your headband, lovely work.

p.s. hope you feel more yourself soon. best wishes Julie.C

sassyb07 said...

love this one Angie! and pink, my fav color too
hugs, Valerie