Thursday, 2 September 2010

Nearly Tidy now ..........

I know the photo's are nothing to do with being tidy lol,
but I have been busy bleaching my kitchen, apart from my craft area,
and I got my lovely new tumble drier yesterday a gift from my dear mum and dad,
Next week I aim to sort out all my crafting stuff as its spread so much and is so untidy now that it needs sorting, and also need to get rid of some of it, so will be selling/giving/candying some of it.
This hat is what I have crocheted over the last couple of evenings as its a nice and easy hat to crochet, does not need to be stressful after the busy days I have had.
So thought I would share the pictures of it with you.
This is better to look at than a photo of my new tumble drier lol.
Hope your all well,
x X x


michelle said...

Must be the time of year.

I feel really bad, havent blogged or made anything for a week as I have been clearing and cleaning!!

I feel soooooo good about it though.

I shall be ready on Monday to get going again.

Must do a quick Blog tonight though:)
Michelle x

Jill said...

Crocheted! Oh my Angie that is so nice and cosy looking! Wish I could crochet! Haven't done any for years and I don't think I could do it now! Jill x

Lil Daffodil said...

Hi Angie,
Extremely neat crochet work. Love the colour. Have a restful evening.
Fiona x

sassyb07 said...

great job on the hat Angie!
congrats on your new dryer too
hugs, Valerie

craft-princess said...

Sounds like alot of work you have been doing!

Nice hat!


Hi Angie x Dont push yourself too hard clearing out hun x The hat is a gorgeous colour x Leigh x

Merry said...

Beautiful,and such neat crocheting Angie. You sure sound like you are busy. It is so nice though when you know everything is clean and tidy. Good luck with your tidy up of your craft.

Jacilynn said...

beautiful hat! love thes stitching. super cute!