Sunday, 26 September 2010

My most favourite place ......

This is where I want to move to,
or as near to here as possible,
this is Godrevy lighthouse in Cornwall.
below are the boys enjoying themselves on the rocks, caves and beach.

The photo below is a sunrise very near to where we was staying.
I have not been about much this weekend as have been busy,
dismantling a playhouse, and then getting in a shed, which we are building next weekend.
if its suitable once built I might even get electric and heating out in it to make it my craft room,
as must try to get my kitchen diner back to a house lol.
Anyone any ideas to make it snug and warm so that my crafty stuff doesnt get spoilt?
But I have done a little crafting, knitted a scarf or two and also made a lovely chrimbo decoration for the tree, which you will see soon as its my DT project for whoopsidaisy at the beginning of October.
Have a great time,
x X x


Stacie said...

Great pics!! You sound busy....good luck with the shed and I hope you get some ideas for keeping warm. The only thing I know is put in good insulation in the walls maybe?

Jill said...

Shed sounds good for crafting but you would definitely need insulation!! Heater, blanket, hot water bottle, couple of cardis, slippers, a hat and gloves!!! We all want to live in Cornwall, just get saving the pennies!! Jill x

Merry said...

A whole shed to yourself how wonderful...I hope it all goes well. What a beautiful spot in those photos.