Thursday, 22 July 2010

Nearly fell of the edge of the earth ..........

This year is absolute rubbish for me,
I cant pray enough for it to sort itself out and give me a break,
as most of you know I have been ill since xmas and it has took several doctors visits,
specialist and hospital visits etc to get to now, and that is without the loss of nearly 6 stone in weight, I have finally got my tablets to take, so have started taking them today,
and not coped very well after having to put my dear furry friend of 16 years down on Friday,
and to top that all my dear was rushed into Ipswich hospital yesterday morning as while he and mum where out shopping he felt bad, they thought he was having a heart attack or stroke,
so he had to stay in the hospital overnight which was many miles away from me who does not drive, so could not even go to visit him, that hurt so much.
He came home this evening under the diagnosis of a heart murmur.
Have been to see him and gave him the biggest cuddle I could.

I have not crafted an atom and not even felt like it since sometime last week,
but thanks to few very dear friends, after the last couple of days, through their support
actually feel like staying on this planet now and actually getting back to doing some crafting.

Thank You ladies you know who you are, you mean a real lot to me.
I really do appreciate it all, and hope I can return the favour to you sometime
x x x


Aussie Loz said...

Oh, Angie... I do hope everything improves for you. I think when something goes wrong, the entire universe follows suite! Chin up, tomorrow is a new day - lets see what it brings ♥♥

Cara said...

You've been through so much!! Wishing peace and good health to you and hubby. It's so hard losing our furry prayers are with you.

twiggypeasticks said...

Hope things soon pick up for you hun. Take care of each other.
Twiggy x


Hey Angie, I know times are tough at the moment hun x But you keep your chin up, I know you have been poorly, but you do look "WOW!" with that weight loss x You keep smiling hun x Leigh x

Merry said...

Oh Angie, please take care...huge hugs are sent your way. I hope that you and your hubby are on the road to recovery. My thoughts are with you.

craft_princess said...

So sorry things are just not going well for you this year. I hope things are all going to look brighter for you from here on out! My thoughts are with you and your family! Take care!

Jill said...

Oh my Angie, you have been through so much recently, really hoping that you have turned the corner now and life will get better. Sending you love. Jill x

sassyb07 said...

hi Angie, I'm glad to hear your dad is home from hospital and that you were able to visit him and have a cuddle. I'm sure that made you feel a whole lot better.
I'll pray that your days get better all the time, take care
hugs, Valerie

Mrs T-W said...

Hey Sweetpea, another cuddle sent your way! Always a pleasure to spend time with you. See you next week. Mrs. T-W

CraftyC said...

Sending you big hugs Angie, sounds like you've had enough bad luck for the time being. Hope it all turns around now and a bit of good luck lands your way.

Anonymous said...

Hi Angie sure hope things are picking up for you and your dad is doing better. Hang in there and take it one day at a time.
Big hug

Max said...

You have certainly been through the mill this year Angie and my condolences for the recent loss of your furry feline friend.
I hope your new tablets will be the solution to whatever has caused such drastic symptoms and weight loss. It's very difficult to keep motivated when you are so ill and for such a long time, so well done to you for not letting it beat you into submission. Shows how strong you really are.
Take care xxx

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