Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Quicky Update on me .................... yet again ...

Hi All,

I might be awol for a couple of days,
as not been well again, am of to doctors yet again tomorrow morning,
I am so fed up with not getting sorted so tomorrow is explosion day at the doctor's,
I know you all must be getting fed up with me keep saying I am ill and won't be about but believe me SO AM I,
Hope you all had a great weekend,
chat soon
x X x


craft_princess said...

OH dear...I hope it isn't anything serious. Take care and I do wish your health gets better quickly!
Best wishes!

mudmaven said...

I sure hope they can help you this time round! Get you back to your normal creative, energetic self! Hang in there! ~chris

Jill said...

Keeping my fingers crossed for you Angie. Jill xx

sassyb07 said...

feel better soon Angie!
hugs, Valerie