Thursday, 10 June 2010

Been to the hospital and ..................

I went to the hospital this morning for my appointment with the specialist,
and it turned into a blood test, and a flexible sigmoidascopy,
and then got to go back a week monday the 21st of June,
for a colonoscopy,
I have ulcers in my colon from what I can make out today.
This photo below is a red and gold memory wire necklace set I made yesterday,
its for sale for £4.75 plus postage, the proceeds apart from postage are going to my local animal centre.

Thanks for stopping by,
Back when I have felt better to do some crafting.
x X x


Bev T. said...

Lovely necklace -- hope they can soon figure out what your health problem is and get it fixed -- take care!!

craft_princess said...

Hope the colon can be cure of these problems! Take care of yourself my dear! And gorgeous necklace! Love the color!

Aussie Loz said...

Yes, lets hope you get an answer from all these tests! Love this set xx

Jill said...

At last Angie, the docs can get you sorted out now. Thinking of you. Jill x