Friday, 21 May 2010

Froggy Update Please read ..... and maybe help as well

I am so proud of my youngest son Declan,
I made this bookmark for the Character Cafe Challenge, and for my son to encourage him to read more, we came across this sad story on LISA'S BLOG,
and he said mum please let us send it to Jayme as you can always make me another bookmark.
So please pop over to LISA'S BLOG and read the story,
and maybe you can help as well.
I am proud of my 9 year old wanting to send a smile to Jayme.
x X x


Mina said...

oh wow Angie you must be so proud of him that was so thoughtful...its a brilliant bookmark and I love the frogs...thanks for visiting my blog for the Mo's Digital Pencil Dreamteams blog hop
Mina xxx

sassyb07 said...

thanks so much for letting us know Angie.
I know what Lisa is going through, my mom passed from lung cancer a number of years ago. It's a very hard thing to deal with.
I will get a card in the mail tomorrow.
And thank your son or me too. That was very kind of him.

sassyb07 said...

hi Angie,
here's the card I made for Jayme
thanks again for letting me know
hugs, Valerie

Georgia said...

Cute tag. YOu did a great job with the frogs.

Hippieaud (aka Audrey) said...

WOW Angie, your son is SUPER talented! Thanks for sharing this with us as well as the blog - I'm off to check it out now.

Donna said...

Such a cute bookmark and how lovely that Declan wanted to share it. I've made and sent a card to Jayme too. Thanks for bringing it to my attention so I could send along a message to her also. Have a super weekend! Big hugs!