Sunday, 18 October 2009

More Broaches and Hair Clips

Here is another set of flowers that I have knitted,
this time it is one Broach (pin badge)(below) and one Hair Clip (above),
both are matching, in purple and white,
I have also done some sample squares for a lady to choose which colour scheme she wants for her crocheted hat, and will email them to her in a mo,
I am now of for a cuppa then to make my DT card for Kaboodles new challenge this week,
and a tutorial pop up card for Character Cafe this week as well.
I do so love being busy, after doing the card and tutorial, I will be back busy knitting again,
this time it will be a Mr Snow and a Mr Greedy.
So please keep popping back, even though I am not doing many cards for challenges at the moment, don't worry this will soon change,
Apologies for blog hopping so much lately either, but this takes up so much precious crafting time when I am busy, I do take a quick peek at most of my usual blogs,
and love all that I see.
Hope you are all having a super weekend,
x X x


Carole RB said...

Hi Angie

Those flowers are fabulous!

Lil Daffodil said...

Hi Angie,
Your output is astonishing - I don't know where you get all the energy. No need to invite me back to your blog - I wouldn't miss my daily visit for the world.
Fiona x

yorkshirehussarson said...
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Anonymous said...

very pretty I do love the colours. Oh oh you could do green red & white & make christmas ones??!!

Helen x

Anonymous said...

deleted comment was me I was signed in as my dad cos I was checking his mail for him. They've Been having phone line problems!!

Liz said...

very clever angie

liz x

Merry said...

These are very lovely. So great you have you crafting mojo back again.

Emma said...

Wow I can't believe I have missed so much Angie. Your creations are all gorgeous...I love these little brooches.
Gorgeous pics too and so lovely to hear you had a fab lunch.
Hugs Emma x

Yvonne said...

So cute these are ! fab , fab , x