Tuesday, 22 September 2009

I cant stand it no more .........

I can't stand not crafting anymore,
Not that I would have had time to today anyways,

It all started when my youngest didnt feel well enough to go to school,
so I knew it was going to be a pestered day,
then this afternoon, a man (who I knew) came to use my phone as he had found a man layin in a garden and couldnt find anyone else in, so he could ring the police,
well it ended up that the unknown man was in my friends garden,
so I rang her and found her daughter home who freaked out when I told her to not panic and that there was a man in the front garden, she started screaming, so I started running and went to her, (not a pretty sight me running - lol)
the police, ambulance and air ambulance arrived at the house the same time I did,
I only had to run about ten houses down the road,
she came back with me after I had calmed her down,
it ended up the man was asleep in her garden as he had been drinking,
and was homeless and didnt know what to do as he was Russian,

My shoulder feels a lot better today,
so I might sneak in a bit of crafting tom,

I have a fantastic finish to my day, I found out I won the Tuesday Taggers
challenge, and will be a guest dt on there soon,
so watch this space.

Hope your all well,
x X x


Jacilynn said...

Wow, that is quite a scary situation. Glad you were there for your friends daughter.
And congrats on your win! Glad your shoulder is feeling better


bumblebee creations said...

wow - you had some kind of day!!! I finally got your package out-so hope it arrives soon! Please email me when it does arrive-so I know!!!! I hope you like and enjoy the items inside it!

yvonne said...

Oh no .. not good that , I think i would have freaked too.

Was just gonna tell you you Won .. well done hun xx

Anonymous said...

Gosh what a fun packed day lol!! Like an episode of coro!!!

Congratulations on winning GDT spot, hope you get some crafting done.

Lil Daffodil said...

Hi Angie,
If that storyline appeared in a sitcom it would be hilarious but I'll bet it wasn't funny for you.
Keep looking after that shoulder.
Fiona x

Max said...

Blimey ... you certainly don't lead a boring life!
Glad the shoulder is feeling better, you've had some time of it recently, but your recent win is bound to have cheered you up.


craft_princess said...

Wow, sounds like alot of drama! Glad everyone is okay and the man was just sleeping off his drink!