Monday, 10 August 2009

Wowsers, I got an award

I have just received this award from
Sam at Mays Daze

I have had this award before, BUT
I am so truly honoured to receive it again,
I am sitting here blushing while typing,

I have passed this on before,
but would like to pass it on again to some different people this time,
but before I do, I am meant to tell you 5 things I like so apart from my family
they are as follows:-

1. Crafting of many different gendres, mainly cards

2. The colour Lilac,

3. Old cars, such as Ford Anglia's, and Mk1 Cortina's

4. Elvis and Bon Jovi

5. Getting surprises in the mail.

the people that I want to pass this onto are




Avril Ann


Thank you Ladies for all of your encouragement,
lovely comments, and blog friendship.

x X x


Nicki said...

Oh Thank you sooo much Angie, that is just sooo sweet of you, i really appreciate this lots, i have posted it on my sidebar, but will put it onto posts when i can think of 5 facts that people will want to know! lol
Thank you again hun, really appreciate this
take care

Kim. said...

Thanks Angie for this lovely award. I will post it on my blog once I have had a think about my five things.
Thanks again.
Kim xXx