Monday, 31 August 2009

Well I was going to ....

Just a little post to say I was going to craft some more today,
but my middle son Hayden and I got into a fight (play fight)
and he jarred my arm, and I am now in a lot of pain again
with my shoulder, so might not be about tom either.
Just what I needed when I have my charity stall this weekend coming.

x X x


Anonymous said...

Oh ouch hun!! I hope you feel better soon!! HUGS

Anonymous said...

oh no hun hope your are ok, get better soon. Congrats on your win at cupcake craft x x

Merry said...

Ouch!!! Hope it doesn't take too long to mend.

yvonne said...

Oh no Hun. hope your shoulder feels better real soon ..need to craft LOADS xx ((((((((BIG HUG TO YOU)))))

Kim. said...

Oh no I hope it doesn't last too long. Hope your feeling better soon.
Kim xXx

sassyb07 said...

oh Angie!!! I hope you're ok!
hugs, Valerie