Sunday, 16 August 2009

Surprise followers blog candy ,,,,

Yes This was a surprise followers blog candy,
I randomly picked a follower that left me a lovely comment on the
blue one of these I made, and she asked for them in her size and in purple.

I know I can post this picture now as I know she has received them
and her hubby made me laugh with what he thought they where.

x X x

they are bare foot flip flops,
or as some call them foot scarves


Bonibleaux Designs said...

Ok Angie now you have me curious! LOL What are they?

Max said...

LOL ... I dread to think what her hubby thought they were ... but I bet it didn't involve feet LOL!


Penny said...

LOL. I can imagine what a husband might think they are!

Elle-phan-tastic cards said...

he he!! I can imagine what he thought!