Thursday, 13 August 2009

Just had to show you this, ..... even tho its for a bit of peace n quiet

Am I a bad mum?

My youngest Declan, 8 years old,
Wanted to try decoupage,
but I really didnt want to sit and cut something out
for him to say 'I dont want to do it now'
So I found a die cut kit card,
and let him loose,
The results are above and I have posted it
to show it off as I am proud of him,
The little black brad is a ant, that he borrowed
from my lovely candy that arrived today.
and I also want a little piece n quiet, lol.
As he keeps telling me that he wants a blog,
but like a lot of 8 year olds, he wouldnt do it for long.

Back soon with some of my own craftyness.
x X x


debra said...

Well done Declan
and a great name to, my little boy 21/2 is also called Declan, think you have done a grand job and love the little ant, you are a lucky boy your mum letting you borrow her new stash.
ps keep up the nagging about ablog my 10year old girl Olivia begged and pleaded and in the end got what she wanted as usual.
hugs Debra

Kim. said...

Wow Declan you have your mum's talents, can't wait to see what you make next. When my 18 year old step son was home last I was making a card or two as you do, and he could not wait to have a dig in my supplies and make a card. He was that proud of it he posted it on facebook although he did take a bit of stick from his friends. Keep up the good work Declan.
Kim xXx

craft_princess said...

Very nice Declan! Some good skills!