Friday, 28 August 2009

Beautiful Award - Thank You Merry

I awoke to receive this beautiful award this morning,
from a fabulour lady called Merry,
I am honoured to receive it, Thank You Merry.
If you can take a moment to pop over to Merrys blog
you will see some lovely work.

I have passed this award on before, so instead of me
having the task of picking 5 people to pass it on to,
I would like for you to take it, just by leaving me a comment on this post.
you are meant to pass it on to 5 people.
and list 5 things that you like to do in the day.
so here are my 5 things.

1. make sure my boys are happy and let them know I love them

2. craft more things to sell for charity.

3. visit blogland.

4. love my two cats

5. recycle as much as I can

Back later with some crafting hopefully,
If my arm allows it today, as its still painful,
Its my last day of tablets for it, that havent worked.
so will get my steriod injection booked up for very soon.
the pains to much now.
But I wont give in.

x X x


Avril Ann said...

Well done Angie, well you know how I feel about your charity work and your fab projects, could not go to a better person. Hugs Avril xxx

Anonymous said...

Hi hun, congrats on your award sweety. I see you've ,anaged to find a 3 colum layout. Looks very good.
Helen x