Thursday, 2 July 2009

Didnt get time to craft,

Hi everyone,
Well I didnt get time to craft after that card this morning,
Had a horrific hot afternoon down the school with my youngest,
going to see him and his work was fine, but the heat was horrendous,

Then this evening was spent mostly looking for my youngest who was an hour late home after going out to play, he had just forgotten track of time.

Then after dinner, spent rest of evening splitting up the elder two cos one called the other fat and then that one replied with calling the other skinny, lmao.
If only an adult world was that simple hey,

Its still hot here in Braintree, just not used to this heat.
Will be back crafting tom,

Thought I would leave you with a little chuckle -

Have you ever done something silly like look for your glasses when they are on your head,
or put your purse in the fridge etc,


Crystal said...

Hey Angie thanks for the info, I for sure wanted to play along...I will send you images if you send me some if you are the winner...hehe..that could work girl now we are 2 out of 200 and some instead of 1 out of 200 some...HA!!! Hope you have a great Holiday...Hugs!

Kim. said...

Oh Angie,
That so used to sound like my household but hang onto those moments as they soon seem to disappear. Now I only have my youngest at home full time it seems really quite around here, thats is until the rest of my brood are on leave from the Army or Nursing College. Oh I can't wait!!!
Kim xXx