Sunday, 14 June 2009

Such a busy day…… and no cards …… but ….


Hello everyone,

Bet you didn’t even miss me today, lol,

well I have been busy, spring cleaning, chucking out a fair bit of stuff, well I should say freecycling all my stuff that I didn’t need anymore, it saves things from going to the dump and land fill, when you can give them to others that can use them instead.

Tidying up my boys rooms, still got tons more to do.

In between that I crocheted this lovely heart pillow, it can also be used as scent pomander thingy, as there is stuffing inside a hand sewn heart centre which can have essential oils  or perfume dripped into it,

Its crocheted out of double knit 100% polyester wool, in a pretty pink again.

Approx size is 7” wide, and 6” high, without the hanging loop.

14th June 09 002

I also put the finishing touches to this mega big cross stitch today,

14th June 09

I am going to start back making cards on Tuesday, as I have not had the time to do any yesterday and today, and also tomorrow I am popping out for a frappucino, with a friend and also to be honest I got knocked back a few times and I think I have lost my mojo, so a break won’t hurt,

Hope you have all had a wonderful weekend,



X x X


Kinglake said...

OH MY ...The cross stitch is absolutely fantastic! wow wow wow
you are soooooo talented!!!
The little heart is fab too xx jo xxw

Nicki said...

sounds like youve had a weekend like me! catching up on all the chores!
and love the crochet, really sweet and that cross stitch! wow, must have took ages?

Elle-phan-tastic cards said...

oh wow hun my brother & my brother in law would love your cross stitch!! My family a Gunners! I'm a scouser fan though as my hubby is!!

Love the crochet heart too its very pretty, my friend would love it for her pink beauty room. Is it for sale??

Helen x

sassyb07 said...

LOVE the heart Angie! super cute
hugs, Valerie

sassyb07 said...

your stitching is wonderful! wow

hugs, Valerie

cats-rockin-crochet said...

Oh your heart is so sweet. You know with your land saving efforts, if you have soft toys that are no longer useable, you an pull the stuffing out of them to re-use for projects such as this one too. Clever hey.