Friday, 5 June 2009

Oh My Gosh,

Sorry didn't get back on yesterday,
had a busy day with making fathers day cards,
just got two left to do now,

My youngest son was at home as the school
was being used for a polling station,
so he had his friend round in the afternoon,

Then the evening was spent pacing up and down,
waiting for his dad to get back from taking him
to hopsital, as he and his two brothers had
been play wrestling.
My youngest - Declan age 8
fell and hit his head on the corner of the chest of drawers,
so had to be took to hospital,
its nothing to worry about he is totally ok,
after having a bleed etc.

Today he is back at school, and is going round his friends
for tea.

Have been catching up on house work (YUK) etc
this morning, going to have a quick kip
then do some crafting so will
be back later with a card or two.

X x X

1 comment:

Kim. said...

Oh no Angie, glad he is fine but a nasty shock for you eh. Children are far more robust than we give them credit for, they just seem to bounce don't they.
Kim xXx