Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Had fun and more bracelets,


Had a lovely blog friend round this morning,

Helped to start her of learning how to crochet,

well done, you picked it up well for a first time,

Not going to say her name, as I don't want to embarrass her,

But I really enjoyed my morning, thank you for coming round. x

23rd June 09


Here I have made a couple more bracelets,

so just put them on my cutting mat to take a quick photo before I am of on the school run,

will be back later with a card or two,



x X x


Jacilynn said...

How Cute Angie. I love making bracelets for my daughter and some times I match a bracelet for myself.

And I crochet...we have alot in common.

Emma said...

Hi Angie
Hope you are well. Gorgeous bracelets...so pretty.
I think I know who your friend is, think she is a friend of mine too!!!! Lol
So jealous, wished I lived near you so you could teach me too.
I shall await my crochet flowers from her...
Emma x

sassyb07 said...

they're so nice Angie, I like the pink & purple (?) one (btm right)
hugs Valerie