Monday, 29 June 2009

Good Evening Everyone,


Just thought I would pop on and say HI,

sorry not been about much today, have had the most hectic day,

I needed to get sponsorship for my son, so he could go on a Able, Gifted and Talented (brain box) weekend, with the lack of finances at the moment, this had to be done,

Then spent most of the afternoon on the phone to the people concerned to get him booked up, and arrange the two courses he wanted to do.

I really need to get more organised so that I can arrange things like this for him earlier, or know where I can get the finances from so don’t have to worry, when that invite falls through the door for another one of these events for him.

29th June 09

I haven’t got any craft pictures or items to show today, so thought I would share these lovely flowers my neighbour bought me, just for being a great friend and neighbour.

I love flowers, but even after nearly 20 years (August the 19th) of being married, my dear hubby still does not get me any, not even for my birthday which is next month (July).

I am hoping that its not to hot tomorrow like they reckon in the 30’s, so I can get down to some serious crafting, to make up for today.



X x X

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Kim. said...

Glad you managed to sort some sponorship out I'm sure it will be worth all the hardwork when your son comes home and tells you what he has been up to.
Kim xXx

Anonymous said...

Angie lovely flowers such a shame hubby doesnt buy you any!! Angie can you email your address so i can send a birthday card to you hugs xx jo xx
my email

raindropecho said...

Good luck with everything Angie!