Sunday, 17 May 2009

New Challenge blog .....................

Yippee, There is a new challenge blog starting very soon,
See the picture link on my side bar,
I am very happy about this, as you all know I do love a good challenge,
and its exciting to be there right from the start.
So go on hop over and have a butchers hook, (look) and join in,
they also have candy.


Saskia said...


Thanks for this link to the new challenge blog!
If you like challenges...just take a look at my blog... 2 new challenge-blogs are starting this week!!! Hope to see you there, with your lovely creations!!!

Sweet greetings,

Sarah-Jane said...

IJust to say thank-you for visiting me so often and leaving such lovely comments on my blog! There is a little something on there for you when you get 5 mins!
Hugs Sarah-Jane xx