Monday, 18 May 2009

I am the Proud Owner of A New Award

I have received a lovely award,
the lady that has given me
this award,
Is such an inspiration to me,
please visit her
and have a look at her
lovely work,
I am going to pass this on to 3 very special people to me,
they are such a inspiration and encouragement to me,
this lady has always been there for me,
right from the start even before Blogland
Thank you Val
who is always there for inspiration
and is a scream, she always makes me laugh,
Thank you Yvonne.

The third is Karen K.
she doesnt have a blog,
she does have a website,
but she has been there for me,
right from the start when I first started
card making back in January 2007
Thanks Karen.
Back soon with a card or two,
hugs Angie

1 comment:

sassyb07 said...

Congratulations Angie! you truly deserve this award. You are an inspiration to me also. Thank you for thinking that I am an inspiratoin to you, that's so nice.
hugs, Valerie